Waking up next to - and pursuing a life with - your best friend and partner in crime is nothing short of an adventure, every day. Some adventures are bigger than others, like your freaking wedding! That's where we come in. Nice to meet you - we're adventure wedding photographers. Perfectly suited to telling the story of how you're choosing to live out your own real-life gritty-realness fairytale, in all of it's joy and perfect imperfections. We specialize in couples aching to do something a little different with their day - just the two of you (or maybe with a small entourage in tow), a trip to nature's grand and splendid beauty somewhere on our blue planet, and your raw love for each other as the glue to hold the whole thing together.

Whether it's a hike to Half-Dome overlooking Yosemite, a beach in Fiji, the Big Bend desert in Texas, a trip to the courthouse and a taco stand, or your own backyard with friends and loved ones - no adventure is too big or too small for us to document every candid moment so you can always remember your stamp in time.

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We're James and Emma; College sweethearts and partners for life, we've been photographing weddings together since 2013. Hiking and tent camping is where our souls feel most at home in this world, but when we're city-side we love nothing more than to enjoy a round of beer, burgers, and arcade games. Having our level of chemistry and history together has afforded us the ability to run a wedding day like a finely tuned instrument. Allowing each others' strengths take care of different moments throughout your day ends in a creation of a final gallery that is at once a beautifully varied and comprehensive document of the day you dedicated your lives to one another.

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Lead Photographer

emma mills

Hey there! I'm equal parts bubbly and chill, and can command a room when the situation needs it (which often comes in handy during a chaotic, 200-guest wedding). I have a background as a professional photojournalist, which has trained me well for documenting your day as it naturally and candidly unfolds, while still maintaining the directorial-flare when its time for the epic sunset portraits.

Lead Photographer

james lenning

Welcome to the Canyon and Pine family - I’m James. I have a long career of being behind the camera, everything from real-estate to your big day. In a crazy hectic day, I’m the one that takes the extra second to get that ring shot or mountain just right. I’m always looking for that different angle to get the shot that best represents the happiest day of your life.

Lead Photographer

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An image gallery might not come with a biography of your relationship, but stories can be told in other ways. The way he makes you laugh. How proud you are when she looks at you that way. The way you hold each other, or the silly dance you do together when you're both a few beers in. Our goal is to make you feel that in your final gallery.

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Ever think you're not the "photogenic type"? Not with us. Everyone has a personality, the kind your partner sees when they look at you, or your best friend when it's after midnight and you're cracking up together at your favorite comedy.
 It's our job to pull that out of you and reflect that in your images.

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Whether you're eloping or opting for a traditional wedding, your photographers become the closest vendor to you. We're there to document every step, which also means we're there for all of the emotion, good or bad. That's why we make it a goal to get to know each one of our couples and develop that so-important trust.



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Kind Words

Zack + Amber

Emma and James went above and beyond for us, even meeting us in Colorado just to capture our first hike as a married couple! They're so down to earth, and I feel like we could just hang out as friends whenever. They got along great with our family and friends, which made their presence on our wedding day all the better. So happy with our images and our experience.

Alex + dez

I'm dying over our photographs! They're everything I was hoping for and so much more. Emma and James did such an incredible job of not only capturing our wedding, but keeping us sane day of. I'm so grateful we chose them.

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